Blueberry Science


This resource was inspired by “Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes.” I love the Pete the Cat books as much as young children love them. The actual science experiment is in the STEM Christmas download. This is more generic and can be used all year long.

In the book, Pete steps in a pile of blueberries and his shoes become blue. I do love this book and I don’t want to take away from the author, however, there is a good lesson to be learned about blueberries. Would Pete’s shoes really turn blue if he stepped in blueberries with white shoes? (and in the book he actually steps in blueberries after his shoes were already red) – so much color science here!!!

With blueberry picking season just around the corner I believe your kids will enjoy learning about blueberries and have fun with science. This science experiment is edible.

Included in the download are the following pages:

Cover Page

Starting Point Resources

Blueberry Senses Take 5

Word Wall Cards

Blueberry Life Cycle (cut & paste)

Blueberry Science Booklet (blank – kids love to create books and this is excellent for reinforcement)

Teacher’s Guide to the Scientific Method

Science Safety Poster

Scientific Method Poster

Food Color Experiment

Student Science Journal

Credits Page

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