Pete the Cat STEM Inspired Easter Guide!

This Guide page was inspired by the book “Pete the Cat: Big Easter Adventure” written by Kimberly and James Dean. Pete is totally groovy as he gives it his all to help the Easter Bunny. In the beginning of the story we learn that Pete the Cat’s favorite candy (at Easter anyway) are those yummy little treats, jelly beans. He is filled with anticipation and excitement to discover the sweet findings in his Easter basket. Instead, Pete finds an empty basket along with a note from the Easter Bunny. Pete agrees to help the Easter Bunny with Easter egg decorating and hiding. At the end of the book he realizes that helping can be a lot of fun! 

We purchased a hard copy of the book at Target for only $9.99. Inside the book is a poster and some Easter cards for sharing with kids. There are other ways to use the cards. Make a game or use them for charades. If you have access to a  laminating machine, put the charades on the back side of the cards, just to keep them around longer!  

These Guide pages can be used with our STEM inspired packets. This packet utilizes the Easter theme along with Pete’s favorite candy, the jelly bean. Enjoy!   

Jelly Beans

After reading “Pete the Cat: Big Easter Adventure” watch the video on how modern manufacturing makes jelly beans. Kids love to understand where and how things are made. These are excellent ways to begin exploring your STEM Easter packet. Kids will be interested and want to engage in the learning. Let’s begin with the five senses.   

Senses Take 5

Jelly beans and the five senses can be fun. Use the worksheet to inspire descriptive language about jelly beans and the five senses. sight, taste and touch are simple. We suggest that for sound drop one and then two on the floor, listen and describe differences. For smell cut a jelly bean open to see if it smells different, or stronger. Have the kids plug their nose and test, if there is some truth that most of taste comes from smell. At the end of the worksheet we recommend your child complete the writing prompt. Many young learners struggle with the creative process, and this should give them a boost of confidence, as they will have five fresh items to write about. Remember to be gentle with spelling and grammar during the creative process. At the early stages phonetic spelling is normal. I like to let the children write their best this way they can see the progress over time. Writing is an extension of reading. The more they read the better the writing becomes, eventually.  

The Jelly Bean Science Experiment

The Jelly Bean Experiment video is meant as a guide for the research assistants (teacher, mom, dad, etc.). We did several time check intervals during the experiment. The Science Journal worksheet includes 5 minute, 15 minute and 1 hour for recording results. Kids will have fun checking them again and again. Included in the packet is a research assistant guide for the Scientific Method — this is so you can guide your child with the appropriate steps, stress free! I recommend using Brachs jelly beans because they are larger than Jelly Belly jelly beans.  One last bit of advice, use darker colors.  

Engineering Challenge and Air Force One

Pete the Cat and Ronald Reagan LOVE jelly beans! Teachers can have kids work in groups for the engineering challenge. Ronald Reagan’s favorite flavor jelly bean was licorice. I don’t know many kids who would choose this as their favorite flavor. If you can purchase jelly beans that are black, they are most likely licorice flavor. The kids will have fun and make a connection in memory about Ronald Reagan as the 40th President of the United States. See the blog (insert LINK HERE) for more details on how we designed our jelly bean far. 

Jelly Bean Mosaic Art

We created the Fun Faux Jelly Bean Mosaic. The artists who transform jelly beans into portraits use an adhesive that is highly toxic. We chose to change the medium to differnt colored dried beans. Older kids might want to make their own designs like Nicole Charlies Jelly Bean Art video. If they don’t glue them, they can use real jelly beans. She was inspired by the music video from Kina Grannis; this video used 288, 000 Jelly Belly beans.   

When kids ask why they can’t use real jelly beans, you can refer to the science experiment.the

This packet duration of use is about one to two weeks. We trust that these resources were helpful in leading you to a confident direction with sharing the packet with your kids. Be sure to check out the blog page for more in depth and cool things to share with your kids. Have a totally GROOVY Easter! 

Thank you!!!!! See you soon.