• Sneezy the Snowman

    This K-2 Companion & Activity Pack filled with fun learning activities that encompass the STEMHAX (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, History, Art and lots of XTRA) formula. This 30 page download, utilized with our blog, will add a fun element for teachers and homeschooling families. The content on the website is free and filled with learning videos and other cool stuff. This packet is also great for sub packets, after school programs, and is an excellent resource for early finishers and differentiated learning.

  • "The Night Before Valentine's Day" day is a book written by Natasha Wing. STEMHAX has created a companion and activity packet to engage young learners in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, History, Art, and some Xtra fun!! Be sure to visist the STEMHAX blog and YouTube Channel for experiments, craftivities and a read with me version of this book. There are two ways to get the purchased digital downloads; Sign up with a My Account and all files will be here, and you will receive a downloadable email for the email address you provided. Thank you!
  • Pete the Cat Inspired STEMHAX Activity Pack is great for Easter. This packet coordinates with the book "Pete the Cat Big Easter Adventure" written by Kimberly and James Dean. Pete talks about Eggs and Jelly Beans and so do we, with some hands on fun! Some of the learning and fun includes the areas of Science, Technology. Engineering, Math, History, Art, and lots of XTRA like puzzles and language arts pages! This 30 page digital download includes: Cover Page Poetry Journal & Clip Art 5 Senses Worksheet Writing Prompt Sequencing ABC Order Scientific Method Poster Science Safety Poster STEMHAX Booklet  for kids to reinforce what they found interesting (kids LOVE making books) Science Experiment Science Journal Assistant's Guide to the Scientific Method (this is a guide to help you help children with the science experiment) Graphing Math Sort Out Patterns Pete the Cat Mask Directions "I'm Going on an Easter Egg Hunt" Poem (great to use with the mask as well as retelling) History Engineering Challenge Engineering Challenge Guide's Page Mosaic Art Page Percussion "Egg Maracas" directions  --- to play Hot Cross Buns Hot Cross Bun Music/Pattern Sheet for Maracas (Totally cute elementary) Word Search Crossword Puzzle Code Crackers Easy Jumble Puzzle Research Assistant Guide to the Packet Solutions and Answers Page Credit Page Kids will have fun doing the activities in the packet. Many of the sheets are no prep. The experiments and art projects all have materials and tools needed for project as well as basic instructions. There is more instruction and other cool resources on the Guides page of the website and the blog, too. Thank you and have a totally GROOVY  Easter!
  • These No PREP worksheets were inspired by the book, "Pete the Cat Big Easter Adventure" written by Kimberly and James Dean. These are included in the STEM Easter Packet --- we understand that teachers and parent's are super busy so here is some fun for kids. There are 10 pages and here is what's included: Cover Page ABC Order - cut & paste Sequencing Writing Prompt Word Search Crossword Puzzle Easy Jumble/Letter Shapes Crack the Code Answers Page Credits Page These are great for filling gaps when screen time has been used up. They are great learning skills in these pages and kids LOVE Pete the Cat. Enjoy! Have a totally GROOVY Easter!
  • Rainbow Seed Science Experiment

    Have fun learning about rainbows and molecules with this easy to conduct science experiment. Visit the blog page http://stemhax.net/2019/02/rainbow-seed-science-experiment for guidance on how to prepare before experimenting with your kids. This download includes: Cover Page Scientific Method Poster Science Safety Poster Rainbow Seeds Science Experiment Research Assistant's Guide to the Scientific Method (Assistant's are adults, kids are the Scientist) Science Journal Sheet Color the Rainbow Word Scramble My Rainbow Seeds Booklet (kids love to make books and this is a great reinforcement to experiment) Credits Page Thank you. Have fun exploring science! See you soon!!!
  • Science, Engineering and MORE!

    Download Includes: Cover Page Teacher Guide (more on stemhax.com) Poetry Journal Five Senses Worksheet Writing Prompt Scientific Method Poster Science Safety Poster Booklet Template Science Experiment Science Journal Teacher's Guide to the Scientific Method Graphing Math Sort Out Patterns Engineering Challenge Engineering Guide Faux Jelly Bean Mosaic Art (we don't use real jelly beans because the water in the glue breaks down the sugar and makes a sticky mess) Credits Page http://stemhax.net/2019/04/the-jelly-bean-experiment Follow us on social media for lots of free resources. Smiles!!!!
  • Jelly Bean Math Patterns

    Recycle those plastic eggs and egg cartons for some fun and easy math pattern practice. We were  inspired by Pete the Cat. The worksheet has a "groovy" cat to inspire fun! This can be used as a center for your children in both the homeschool or classroom environment. Easy prep...supply list and directions are included. Check out the STEMHAX Blog for detailed instructions on how we made our center. Did I mention it was easy and fun?

    Included in the digital download: Cover Page Worksheet Patterns for plastic eggs (AB, ABB, ABC, ABBA, AAB, ABCD) Instructions Thank you! We are on social media @STEMAHX      
  • Poetry Journal "Farmer's Market"

    Poetry Journal "Farmer's Market" includes 11 original poems relating to a Farmer's Market. These fun poems have a variety projects and ideas that include; Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, History, Art and Xtra cool stuff!  Each Poem comes with clip art to enhance your students poetry experience. This 18 page download includes: Cover Page Why Poetry Teacher's Guide 4 Black and White Poetry Cover Options 2 Color Poetry Cover Options 11 Original Poems for kids "Farmer's Market" "Eggs" "Apples" "The Blueberry" "Watermelon" "Potatoes" "Carrots" "Lettuce" "Tomato" "Honey" "Maple Syrup" (as seen in the gallery) Credits Page Each poem has FREE resources on the STEMHAX Guide Page. We have over 30 topics in the works. Thank you for stopping buy. Have a great day! See you soon!  
  • This resource was inspired by "Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes." I love the Pete the Cat books as much as young children love them. The actual science experiment is in the STEM Christmas download. This is more generic and can be used all year long. In the book, Pete steps in a pile of blueberries and his shoes become blue. I do love this book and I don't want to take away from the author, however, there is a good lesson to be learned about blueberries. Would Pete's shoes really turn blue if he stepped in blueberries with white shoes? (and in the book he actually steps in blueberries after his shoes were already red) - so much color science here!!! With blueberry picking season just around the corner I believe your kids will enjoy learning about blueberries and have fun with science. This science experiment is edible. Included in the download are the following pages: Cover Page Starting Point Resources Blueberry Senses Take 5 Word Wall Cards Blueberry Life Cycle (cut & paste) Blueberry Science Booklet (blank - kids love to create books and this is excellent for reinforcement) Teacher's Guide to the Scientific Method Science Safety Poster Scientific Method Poster Food Color Experiment Student Science Journal Credits Page As with any resource this is for one classroom use. If you like this to please tell others about my store. I appreciate your patronage! There is also lots of free resources that coordinate with our products on social media and on our website. We are @STEMHAX and appreciate the following. Have a great day! See you soon! Copyright 2019